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What are emPowers?

Your emPowers are the parts of you who help you survive, thrive, and have the drive to live the life you desire.  They fuel your intellect, inspiration, and intuition.  They fill you with clarity, comfort, and courage.  They know your truth, inspire your creativity, and give you strategies to achieve your dreams.  Your emPowers empower you to be who you are here to be.  Combined, they hold your true power.  They are your authentic self.

What are exPowers?

When emPowers are impacted by pain or fear, they transform into exPowers - otherwise known as blocks, triggers, "inner demons", inner critics, saboteurs, parts of the Ego, sub-personalities, the Shadow, and the Pain Body.  exPowers are parts of you who get in the way of you feeling fully at peace, fully authentic, and fully empowered. 

Everyone has "exPowers", whether they admit they do or not.  Even people who appear to "have it all" and "have it all together" struggle with exPowers that no amount of wealth, fame, and success can erase.  (If anything, those can magnify them.)


How can you be free of exPowers

and fueled by your emPowers?

Honor your emPowers and heal your exPowers.

Honor Your emPowers


Heal Your exPowers

Your emPowers are always with you, tirelessly serving you, supporting you, and loving you whatever way they can - even if they don't seem to be.

However, when you truly acknowledge and honor them, everything changes.  Not only are you infused with their tremendous passion and ideas, you also feel more whole, balanced, peaceful, clear, and loved. 

My ground-breaking technique, the Drawing Out Process®, can permanently (yes, permanently) guide an exPower out of struggle and into deep peace and oneness - over the phone, in 2 hours or less. 

(Most people don't believe that their cruel inner monster can turn into a sweet, cuddly little child.  But it can.  And, once you know how it works, you'll see it makes complete sense.) 

Hundreds of people around the world have healed their exPowers and honored their emPowers - everyone from children to executives to inmates - with extraordinary results.  Inner critics disappear, traumas from abuse clear, and the feeling of wholeness, peace, and empowerment is indescribable.

The more you honor your emPowers and heal your exPowers,
the faster you can be the person you desire to be, do what you desire to do,
and live a truly emPowered Life.

Get Started!

My ground-breaking, month-long, do-at-your-own-pace, online program teaches you very simple - yet very powerful - techniques that will help free you of inner struggles, connect with your true power, and feel more whole, at peace, and alive than ever.  You will learn how to honor your 3 emPowers, heal your exPowers, learn key steps of the Drawing Out Process, and establish a new, more enlightened and peaceful relationship with yourself - and, in turn, with others.

What are some of the results?  Your days change from feeling frantic and unfulfilled to feeling calm, balanced, and in control.  Your inner critic subsides and even disappears.  Your relationships feel more loving and compassionate.  Your work feels easier and more fulfilling.  You achieve a level of clarity, wisdom, and peace you may never have thought possible.  And the list goes on...


Other Opportunities

Speaking & Workshops


Private Work

These discoveries have been shared at venues around the world, including Asia, Latin America, 2 TEDx events, and the United Nations.  Let me know your company's needs, and I can design a program for you. 

Below is a TEDx talk I gave at the very first TEDx in a prison.


Various private options are available, including The CEO Solution™ - a customized program designed especially for busy, jet-setting leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives who are impatient for quick, massive results.

Through connecting with your emPowers and clearing numerous blocks and triggers within you (exPowers), you will feel exceptionally calm, wise, effective, and more in control in all areas of your life: business, relationships, health, etc. 

If this calls to you, email me directly or schedule a Strategy Session with me.

One Last Thing...

The levels of peace, prosperity, and pleasure you feel have nothing to do with what's happening around you and everything to do with what's happening inside of you. 

Whatever you want, however you desire to feel, your emPowers and exPowers hold the key.

Emily International is the only place in the world where you'll find the 3 emPowers, the 3 exPower types, and the Drawing Out ProcessThis work is far beyond coaching and therapy - these are ground-breaking discoveries that are rapidly changing people's lives... and the world.

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