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"The more we can shatter the belief that, in order to be professionally successful,
we need to hide or disguise our inner struggles and difficulties, the better. I truly believe
it is quite the opposite…our greatest challenges are often the key, and the door, to our
greatest successes."
  ~ Michelle Tenzyk, The Truth Behind the Titles

Many people in leadership positions - especially those who appear to "have it all together" - are secretly struggling with an array of stressors and "inner demons": depression, critical voices in their heads, self-sabotage, addictions, blocks, blindspots, triggers, old wounds and traumas, inexplicable rage, self-destructive behaviors, fear of rejection, identity issues, etc.  Or they're giving their power away to others and, in the process, losing themselves.

They are simply very good at hiding it.

Is This You, Too?
  • You're a CEO or leader who appears strong and confident on the outside... but something's wrong on the inside.  
  • Yes, you're successful... but are you happy?
  • You don't know who to trust.
  • You're afraid that, if you get help, you'll lose your "edge".
  • You want quick results - faster than traditional therapy and coaching can provide.

If this sounds like you, let me start by saying: 

You aren't crazy, there's nothing wrong with you,
and you are most certainly not alone

Perhaps you've never truly felt safe expressing who you are and how you feel.  Perhaps you're afraid that, if you betray how you feel, it will be used against you, you'll be perceived as weak, others will lose confidence in you, or you'll lose confidence in yourself. 

Again, you are not alone.  In fact, you're precisely where you should be.

Welcome to Emily International: Home of The CEO Solution™,
The Drawing Out Process®, and Guiding Star Leaders™.

I understand how it feels - that disconnect between the "inner you" and the "outer you", the person you portray to the world versus the truth of what's happening inside.  I've struggled with my own inner demons, critical voices in my head, seemingly insurmountable wounds, and my own dark nights of the soul, and I've come through with answers, clarity, and a process that has been hailed as "what therapy should be".

With patience, understanding, confidentiality, and a results-oriented approach, I now guide CEOs and leaders of all types to "clean out their inner closets" and fully align from the inside out with their highest vision and purpose. 

The result?  Life feels easier.  You become wiser, clearer, and more empowered in every aspect of your life. 

And it's faster than traditional coaching and therapy.

The work I do is surprisingly simple and powerful.  Through my foundational technique, The Drawing Out Process, we identify your prevailing patterns and struggles, release them permanently from the core, and guide this freed energy to fuel you in becoming who you desire to be and to live the life you desire to live: what I call your Guiding Star. 

I am currently creating an international network of

Guiding Star Leaders.  Are you called to be one?

If so, welcome home. 

So that I may have the time and space to focus on the clients I desire to serve, I keep my business very personal and very boutique.  Please contact me for a complimentary, confidential Guiding Star Strategy Session to determine if we are a good fit.

Ready to receive you...

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