"Once we got to the root cause and I released the Rage, I felt a calmness unlike anything I have ever felt before.  I was finally able to make sense of the defense mechanisms I had created, turn off the autopilot, and take control."

Rick, Entrepreneur

As a leader, you're a brilliant problem-solver and decision-maker.  You seem to "have it all" and "have it all together".  But do you really? 


No matter what you do nor how hard you work, there are some things in your life you just can't seem to fix.  What exactly is inhibiting your performance, impairing your decision-making, souring your relationships, sabotaging your success, stressing you out, driving you to exhaustion, and/or draining you of happiness?  Why do you sometimes react the way you do, and how do you stop being so triggered?

You can have it all.  From the boardroom to the bedroom, you can feel amazing, lead with ease, and enjoy your every success.

But here's the deal...  In order to be the leader you want to be, you have to face what's getting in the way.  And what's getting in the way is in you: blocks and blindspots that are unconsciously controlling you and your life.  Denying them won't make them go away.  Executive coaching will only scratch the surface.  You've got to face them head-on and heal them permanently from the root.  It won't happen any other way.


Lucky for you, that's what I do.


With my exclusive discoveries and techniques, I improve your decision-making by removing your blocks and blindspots and rapidly breaking you through to higher levels - personally and professionally.  


From the boardroom to the bedroom, your life will improve. Your stress level will plummet, your decision-making will accelerate, your relationships will deepen, and you will feel amazing.  You will access strengths you never knew you had, in areas you never thought to look.  You will radiate confidence and wisdom from a place deep within.  You will inspire others not just by what you do but by who you are.  

Yes, the above results are real.  No, this work is not therapy, and I am not a therapist.  These incredible results come from ground-breaking discoveries and techniques I created that no one else in the world is doing.  
I've worked with the "toughest of the tough": executives, firefighters, inmates.  If you think your issues are too enormous and insurmountable... try me.
You've finally found someone who can fix
what you haven't been able to.

When we work together privately, it's all about you: your unique needs, preferred location, and desired outcomes.  What do you want?


Where did she come from?  How did she create this work?  Why does she do it?


A surprisingly simple yet incredibly powerful system, with a life-transforming technique and ground-breaking discoveries that have healed the hearts and minds of people all over the world...


Emily Eldredge


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