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Leader Healer & Advisor ◆ Speaker ◆ Innovator

As the Creator of the Drawing Out Process®, the Discoverer of emPowers & exPowers™, and Founder of The New Self emPowerment™, Emily frees people of their core blocks and wounds and guides them to own their Truth so that they may live with extraordinary ease, wisdom, and peace.  She specializes in working with leaders and the toughest-of-the-tough.  Her ultimate purpose is to #healhumanity.


Through her work, Emily has discovered the 3 universal types of inner struggles, which she calls "exPowers".  Healing those exPowers unlocks the 3 inner "emPowers", which hold all of the wisdom, love, and strength needed to live a truly powerful life. 


Emily has spoken about her work at venues around the world, including the United Nations, British Parliament, and 2 TEDx events - one of which was the very first TEDx in a prisonHer work has been hailed as "genius", "exhilarating", "brilliant", "a miracle worker", "a truly life-changing experience", and "up there with sliced bread - really good ideas that spread all over the world".  

As a 9-11 first-responder, Emily helped found World Cares Center.  She also serves on boards for the The Common Party, Arizona Wellness Alliance, and World Merit in the UK.

Emily is a graduate of 
Williams College
in Williamstown, MA and The Hockaday School in Dallas, TX.  She shuttles between New York City and her home in Arizona, which she shares with her amazing husband Paco Torres and two wonderful stepdaughters.