As a leader, you endure stresses and expectations that most people don't.  You also require a certain level of attention and discretion.  After all, you can't show your true thoughts and feelings to just anyone.  That I fully understand.

When we talk on the phone, I hear your unique needs and desires and customize a private program for you.  Time with me ranges from virtual, multi-session packages to 3-day in-person intensives with a month of coaching and unlimited calls and emails for gut-checks and insights.  I also serve as an advisor for leaders who desire more continuous attention navigating the stresses of leadership. 


You will find that I am not only deeply non-judgmental and empathetic but also extremely determined and results-oriented.  I get lasting, exceptional results in way less time than traditional approaches, and I do not stop until we get the results that I know we can get for you - which are usually beyond what you ever thought possible.

The CEO Solution

If you're leading a company, starting a new business, or simply desire to be a more powerful and inspiring leader, the CEO Solution is the answer.  We'll remove whatever blocks are in the way, access more of your exceptional strengths, and set you on a higher path than even you might expect.  Your leadership presence and skills will soar.

My exclusive technique, The Drawing Out Process®, permanently removes your hidden blocks and triggers, resulting in exceptional inner clarity.  Your 3 emPowers will then serve as your wise, inner "committee" - effortlessly empowering you to be more productive, know your purpose, and deeply enjoy your life and all of your successes.  


Design Your Life

If you're in transition, struggling with relationship issues, lacking direction, or simply feeling called to a higher way of being, Design Your Life is the answer.  We'll clear out the unconscious programs that have led to your issues, access your powerful inner wisdom, and identify the life and relationships that light you up and empower you to be who you, uniquely, are here to be.

The Drawing Out Process® will permanently remove subconscious blocks and triggers, and your 3 emPowers will guide us in creating the amazing, fulfilling life you desire.  You will feel exquisite love, wisdom, and clarity emerge from within you - greater than you ever imagined - and you'll witness beautiful changes in your life and relationships.



Intensives typically take place in New York City or at a location of your choice, such as a private club or resort.  In a warm, welcoming environment, you will enjoy delicious meals, tea, and treats as we do the deep inner work to raise you to higher and higher levels.


Advising takes place over the phone or, to maximize the use of your time in the air, we can schedule them in-person during long, overseas flights.  


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