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All levels of engagement:

  • are customized for your unique needs and desires, as well as your personality and lifestyle.

  • take place via phone, virtually, in the air, and/or at a peaceful location of your choice

  • include taking full stock of your life and vision, identifying and honoring your unique powers, removing blocks and triggers, calls and emails for gut-checks and insights, and end-of-month results calls to gauge your progress as we go along and determine next steps. 

  • experience The New Self emPowerment™ utilizing my exclusive, innovative techniques and discoveries: The Drawing Out Process® and emPowers & exPowers™.


As an executive or CEO, you endure stresses and expectations that most people don't and don't understand.  You also require a certain level of attention and discretion when it comes to receiving help in navigating the stresses of your job, accessing exception clarity and strength within you, receiving wise counsel whenever challenges arise, and removing deep inner blocks that are unconsciously sabotaging your ability to succeed - both personally and professionally. 

The CEO Solution was designed for leaders who want quick, lasting, exceptional results but have neither the bandwidth - nor the desire - for traditional approaches.  It is customized to you, your needs, and your lifestyle, and may be entirely virtual or start with a 2-3 day intensive in a location of your choice. 

You will experience The Drawing Out Process®, my exclusive technique that, within 2 hours, permanently removes hidden blocks and triggers and brings you to an exceptional level of clarity and peace.  You will also learn how to identify and honor your 3 core powers, a.k.a. emPowers, which serve as your own personal inner committee to help you be more productivity, know your purpose, and experience greater pleasure in all aspects of your life.


Imagine living a life that reflects you, lights you up, and is a full expression of you and your Truth - energizing and empowering you to be who you are here to be.  It's not as difficult as you think - especially when you are clear of inner blocks and guided by your 3 core powers. 

Design Your Life is for you if you have a vision of a business you desire to build, are in transition after a major life change, or simply feel called to a higher way of being and leading.  This level typically consists of a 2-3 day intensive: the first day reveals your deepest Truth and the vision of the life you were born to live, and the second day designs your life (and business) to honor your Truth and bring you the deepest fulfillment and joy.  During the month after, check-in calls will support you in implementing your wonderful, new life. 

Supporting your journey is The Drawing Out Process®, my innovative technique that brings you to an exceptional level of clarity and peace by removing hidden inner blocks and triggers in only 2 hours, and your amazing and wonderful inner emPowers, who guide the entire process with exquisite love, wisdom, and clarity that are unique to you.  An enlightening and empowering experience - a true gift for your soul.

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The CEO Solution and Design Your Life 2-3 day intensives typically take place in my home in Tucson, AZ - a warm, welcoming environment where I feed you healthy meals, tea, and treats as you experience extraordinary clarity and transformation.  However, depending on your unique needs and time constraints, intensives can also take place in a location of your choice - even up in the air


To maximize your time in the air with in-depth conversations and massive break-throughs, sessions may occur on commercial flights and private jets.  Depending on the length of the flight and the level of privacy, we can identify a block or blindspot, permanently remove it, and instantly break you through to higher levels both personally and professionally.  You will land at your destination stronger, clearer, and wiser than when you took off. 


One of the best ways to do this work is in a peaceful, luxurious location of your choice, where you can fully retreat from the world to focus on you.  We spend several days exploring the full "map" of your inner world, freeing you of multiple blocks and blindspots, and creating solid internal and external alignment with your desires and mission.  You leave feeling more alive, clear, and amazing than you can imagine.
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