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Emily has enlightened and inspired audiences in North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, including twice at the United Nationstwice at British Parliament, and at 2 different TEDx events - one of which was the very first TED event in a prison.  She fully customizes all of her talks, which range from one hour to multi-day retreats.  To learn more about the subjects on which she speaks, please download her Speaking & Coaching Sheet.



Below are some of the companies, organizations, venues, and events at which Emily has spoken about her work - in North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.


   Emily has had the honor of sharing her message with audiences around the world, including the United Nations and British Parliament.  Two of those speeches are below.  (These are short speeches she has given - not examples of her speaking at companies and conferences.)




"The Only War We Need to Win"

We will never end the wars around us until we end the wars within us.  The only reason we are at war within is because we don’t understand the "enemy" we are fighting. We don’t understand ourselves...



An unconventional speech to give in a government building, to say the least, but Emily was nevertheless inspired to share this visualization and message with the assembled group...